Benny & Alice

Ch. Nobility Alamo Bay & Nickelbys Sweet Alice the Baroness





Potterdale Maestro at Mybeards  HD: 3:3

Chriscaro Charlock at Merrythorp  HD: 2:3


Chriscaro Chianti  HD: 2:0
Babbacombe Chequers  HB: B



Moonhill Knight of the Stars  HD: 5:7
Gildenmede Goodknight Girl  HD: 6:3



Gildenmede Ghiselle  HD: 5:4
Nobility Alamo Bay  HD: B



Ororas Imptuosity
Dearbolt Christopher Robin
Dearbolt Lady Cordelia  HD: 9:0
Nobility Hurby the Highness  HD: 6:3



Blizzard of Pribardom
Easy Expression the Nobility  HD: B


Alissa vom Kleinen Hobbit

River Belle's Sebastian  HD: A

No-Nonsense's Xiebert  HD: A



No-Nonsense's Shamrock  HD: B

No-Nonsense's Baronbyron  HD: B



River Belle's Qesus  HD: A

Thuja vom Schavolliehof  HD: A



Beardie Connections Regina

Nickelbys Sweet Alice the Baroness  HD: A


Binbusy Quotation  HD: Free  ED: Free

Heather Mist Everybody's Business  HD: Free  ED: Free


Nickelbys On-Going Business  HD: A  ED: Free


Clic's Hip Hip Hurray  HD: Free



Potterdale Exellence  HD: Free

Nickelbys Miss Saigon  HD: A



Woolpack's Bring On The Clown  HD: Free